Media Blackout


In this day and age we live in having a 48 hour news media and more importantly a social media blackout is unheard of. But this past weekend on the days of Saturday and Sunday I gave it a try. I must say the first few hours of putting my phone in airplane mode and giving it to my mother was brutal. I am so used to repeatedly checking my phone every few minutes to see the news or to see my favorite sports team the Miami Heat tweet there updates or scroll through Instagram to see what my friends are up to, and all that was gone and it made me feel empty and anxious. I couldn’t even turn on the television to watch Sports-center or even the regular local news. There was a big feeling of loneliness and solidarity that I have never felt. Every time I tried sneaking a quick peek of my phone my mother and father would quickly remind me of what was at task. I was constantly reminded of how my parents grew up  without any access of these new technologies. With my new found free time I took up spending more time with my dog and actually started and finished reading the Catcher in the Rye my family and I also was engaging in more conversations and I even helped my mother cook dinner for those two days to pass the time. There was a feeling of fulfillment when I ended these two days of no media and no access to my phone. There was more time spent with my family and not upstairs in my room. But probably the toughest instance I encountered during these past few weeks was when I couldn’t watch the NBA all star game. To my delight the All-Star game was a complete disappointment and that made me feel a little better. But the biggest benefit I received from this assignment was the grade I received on my chemistry exam. With no access to any electronics or media outlets and my phone I buried myself in the books and without and distractions I was able to not only finish my studies quicker but I was able to retain more information and much more work done. All my homework was finished without using the internet well except this assignment, and I also found out that all the answers I had for my class were in my book and I didn’t need the internet to find out everything. It was absolutely amazing receiving an A for my chemistry exam knowing that the reason I wasn’t scoring that high was because of all the distractions i surrounded myself with. My parents and my family were so impressed by the change that I demonstrated and the self control I showed that every Sunday from now on in the Shirajee household no one will have access to there phones or any type of media whether it be the news, newspaper, or anything down those lines. This assignment really brought out a side of me that I never knew I had.



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