Blackout Assignment

This blackout experience was nerve racking but fulfilling all at the same time. I have a morning routine where I check the weather and then move onto all the social media apps on my phone (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.) I sent out a message to my friends and family informing them of my 48-hour disconnects and told them if they needed to get into contact with me to call my house phone. I started my blackout on Sunday, it was quiet difficult in the beginning because I found myself looking to check my phone out of habit. The curiosity of knowing what everyone’s “Sunday Funday” was like was slow irking me. Not being able to know what my peers where doing was giving me more anxiety than not knowing what was going on around me. As the day slowly came to an end I started to feel a sense of relief, since I wasn’t aware of what was going on around me. I wasn’t affected by anything that I would of potentially seen if I was connected to the world. Now Monday on the other hand, was a bit more challenging. I woke up and not being able to look at the weather delayed my getting ready process. I became easily frustrated because I wasn’t able to plan my outfit according to the weather forecast. I headed to work where my boss loves to engage in current events, our shift was a struggle because I told her that I was on a media news blackout. With every conversation we had, she couldn’t help but tie in a new media event. I started to get aggravated because I wasn’t able to contribute to the conversation. I am the type of person who enjoys adding my two-cent to any conversation. Through this exercise I was able to see how most people take the knowledge of our world for granted. We turn on the TV and have the ability to see what is transpiring in our world. This 48 hour cleanse taught me that knowledge is power and without it I wasn’t adding anything to society. NO ANALYSIS. YOU JUST GAVE ME A DIARY ENTRY.



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