Going 48 hours on a media blackout was harder than anticipated. I figure that it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought but it was a bit. The first 24 hours I would say was the worst part because its staring the process that gives the most difficulty. I decided to just not have my phone on me at all, I placed it in a drawer and left it there the whole weekend. I decided to do this experiment Saturday through Sunday, I figured these would be the best days since I worked and I don’t really have any access to media, or the internet. I started off Saturday on a good page since I wasn’t going to need my phone for the first 8 hours of my day, once I got home that’s when everything changed. Since I wasn’t allowed to be on a computer, TV or any sort of device that’s when it got tricky. I found myself very bored and anxious. I felt like there was nothing to do whatsoever and it was driving me insane. I decided to go and have a conversation with my grandmother and I found that very enjoyable and it took about 2 hours. the good thing about this was I got to learn about my grandmas past and she told me some cool things about her. The rest of the night was a little tough but I just decided to bring out my old stress relief “coloring book” and getting entertained with the different pages was the best. Each drawing take about 6 hours to complete so it kept me busy for a while. Sunday was the final day of the blackout and I believe it was a little tough because I knew I was so close to being able to see the media again but I knew I had to go through the rest of the day without it. I spent most of Sunday at my job and the rest of the night in my home. I decided to use the remainder of the time to have some more quality time CLICHE. with my family and it turned out good. We didn’t discuss any news or anything political and it felt good. To be completely honest this experiment of blacking out from media was one I enjoyed because it felt more like a cleanse. Sometimes it’s needed because the constant need to be on a phone or a computer or watching tv is a bit irritating. I felt that this was something that many people should at least do once a month. I did feel anxious most of the times but it wasn’t nothing that was too crazy and I felt that I needed a phone right away. It felt good to be away and disconnected.



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