48 hr Solitude

Natalia Pasquariello


Team 12

The idea of isolation is easily one of my biggest fears. Being alone, not knowing what is going on, not being able to communicate is a huge challenge for me. Beginning this assignment I wanted to set goals for myself such as starting a new book and catching up on schoolwork. As anxiety as I am to put myself in this partial solitude, I am actually excited to have two days of relaxation and not have to worry what is going on in the world.

Starting the partial solitude on Monday was relatively easily being that I’m pretty much occupied throughout my whole day, with class and assignments, that it felt great not having to worry about checking any social media between classes and just getting focused on my class work. But it became a little more difficult once I got home and went to grab my phone out of pure habit and realizing I can’t do really do anything with it!

I would say that’s when the anxiety set in a little more, anxious to know what is going on instagram or the world in general. It is interesting to see how useless our phone really are without going online and being able to update yourself with the news. But with anxiety comes the calm down and I decided to go for a run where I surprisingly was to relax and get my mind off of thinking how complicated this partial solitude was.

What really got complicated was the second day, due the fact that it was my day at home. No class, no work, a day where I’d usually just stay home catch up on the news and other media outlets. This made me realize that I have no idea how people lived without technology and being to easily look up what was going on in that exact moment of time, like we can do today. It kind of makes you appreciate what we have and appreciate those people who work hard to rely that message to the audience almost immediately.

One thing I’m really shocked about this experience that I really didn’t expect to do, is that I found better and positive activities to fill in my time where I’d be watching TV or on my phone. I was able to concentrate more on studying and doing my homework for the week within the 48 hours rather than sleeping and eating junk food. As anxious and “naked” as I felt without having social media and the news, I think it was a great assignment to open my eyes and the students eyes to what it feels like to not have that available to us anymore and how we are able to survive without having our phones glued to our hands.



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