48 hours blackout

Being disconnected from the news for 48 hours straight felt very nerve wracking. The feeling of uncertainty of not being informed about world issues and politics made me feel so closed off to the world. To detach myself from such thinking and worry I began to occupy myself with other things. I began to relearn crotchet, which I haven’t done since middle school and realized all the cool things I could make with just a needle and yarn.

While I would crotchet, I would be alone to my thoughts to disconnect from family who just kept chatting about the news occurring. I just wondered about whether I wanted to truly double major in mechanical engineering and computer science and what I could possibly do with the skills I gain from these two majors. After the 48 hours were over, I realized that news isn’t really an intrusion on solitude since it allows us to be informed of various issues around us. We as humans could detach ourselves from the news if we really wanted to be alone, however “… [humans] are generally still a little afraid of the dark,” as stated by Thoreau.  In other words, us humans tend to not to like being alone nor be left alone with the mind because thoughts that they wish to ignore begin to come back.

Additionally, the news is important because it helps transfer information to the people to be informed about things occurring around the world, for instance like in our government and in other countries. News can also prevent disasters by letting the normal citizen know ahead of time future possibilities if such events were to occur. Giving us a sense of solitude to think about our future as a country or for ourselves AN EMPTY PARAGRAPH. IT CONTRIBUTES NOTHING.



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