48-hour news blackout

Maria Gomez

Team Soto #14

Reading The End of Solitude by FULL NAME Deresiewicz opened my eyes to see how true his statements are. In my generation everyone’s biggest fear is being alone. We are constantly connected to something, it being either our significant other, a friend, or our social media accounts. Not even when we’re physically alone we’re alone. My generation lives in a society of constantly being connected due to technology. We might be home alone laying in bed, but what are we doing? We’re on twitter or Facebook, sharing our thoughts, reading other people’s thoughts. On snapchat we constantly get to see what everyone else is doing, who they’re with and what restaurant they’re at having dinner, without even having to be with them.  Media has gotten to a point where your photo filters include the city you’re in and where you’re even able to go live and share your day.

Moving forward, UGLY PHRASE my experience during the 48 hour news blackout wasn’t as hard as I imagined. Luckily my twitter account ended up getting hacked this weekend, which lead to its GETTING being locked and trying to regain access was impossible because the e-mail I have linked to my account, I couldn’t remember the password to. So that made it much easier to stay disconnected.  Especially since twitter is one of my main source of news. I didn’t struggle with the need of wanting to be connected. I’ve never been a fan of news, I actually try to stay away from it. News to me gives me anxiety. I hate seeing all the tragedies happening across the world. I hate seeing what some people are capable of. It disgust me and in a way it makes me feel guilty. There is so many kids out there starving, suffering, with no shelter, and I’m here perfectly fine with more food then needed. I don’t like watching or reading about other people’s problems or what some country face on the daily, it brings me sadness and the feeling of being helpless. But I am a fan of pop culture news, I love to see what fashion styles are in, what celebrities are up to and as basic as it sounds I love the celebrity gossip. That’s the part I struggled with, missing out on celebrity Instagram post and what they wore that day. I love fashion and one of my biggest inspiration has always come from celebrities, that’s the reason I’m even connected to most of my social media. But since it is tax return season I was able to keep myself occupied by going shopping with what I received so my weekend wasn’t boring at all.

Although, I didn’t struggle as much during my 48 hour news blackout. I agree with Deresiewicz point of loneliness being associated with boredom. I was lucky that I found an alternative to keep me occupied but if the blackout would’ve lasted longer or if I ever decided to disconnect myself that’s when the anxiety and boredom would really hit.


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