48 Hour Blackout

Going for 48 hours without news is not something I assumed would be difficult at all, though It is quite bizarre in many ways. I wake up, I go on Snapchat and I scroll down. I see a post of news, I almost click it, and then I realize, “Oh, wait, I am not to “indulge” SINGLE QUOTES in news today or tomorrow.” Almost immediately, I feel the effects of being in the “twilight zone” of no news media. I don’t purposely seek out news, though I do keep in touch with what is going on. Doing this inevitably helps me stay on the “grid” of the online social world.

News definately helps us feel a lot more connected. Knowing what is going on in someplace halfway around the globe gives me more of a sense that I am not alone on the planet; it makes it feel inhabited to me. So, going two days without getting those news stories makes me feel like my world is a lot smaller. Without the news I was wondering what I was missing out on, like a third grader who wants to know what is happening on the other side of a tall concrete wall. GOOD I didn’t feel like I was “in the loop,” which is something that makes me feel less alone. I use the news to connect to people, to make conversations that I otherwise would not have. Inversely, I take the moments that friends are telling me about the news as huge conversational opportunities. The news is not only something that reminds me that I’m on a well inhabited planet, it is a tool to create great conversations; a bridge to people. When that bridge gets taken away, I feel like a pathway to socialization is taken away. In that sense alone, a feel a bit more alone. AWKWARD After not seeing the news for that amount of time I was very happy to able to see what was going on again, and to continue to connect with people about what is going on.

In relation to FULL NAME Deresiewicz, the absence of news for 48 hours didn’t made me go stir crazy, or feel super lonely. Although It was enough for me to know if I had to go for longer, say a month, I would definitely not like it. If 48 hours made me feel a little strange, I know that a month will likely cause me to feel the effects that Deresiewicz is talking about. It wasn’t enough to have too much of an effect, but the two days that I went without news coverage made me little less in touch, and more likely to be a little more lonely. There was also some worry or concern about not being able to hear the news. If I did go for long enough without news, I would become a bit fearful of not having it. Possibly even fearful of loneliness itself, as I am so accustomed to relating to people using the news.


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