48 Hour Blackout

When I first started this assignment, I did not think it was going to be all that complicated because I don’t watch the news, of any sort, and I no longer use my twitter account. Solidarity has never been an issue for me, even as a child. I am not an only child but I have a short attention span so getting to the state of boredom is quite difficult. I have this theory that being by yourself, you are never fully alone. I have to listen to music at almost all times in the day; it keeps my sanity. Without it, I would probably have felt how every other student felt during this 48-hour blackout.

Since moving out and living on my own, (I do have roommates but they were picked randomly) I have found myself with very little or no free time at all. This assignment was a good excuse to exile myself from the world and get back in touch with myself. I just happened to be off of work all weekend as well so during the 48 hours I went food shopping, cleaned up the entire house and basically binge watched Showtime’s hit series Shameless. It was honestly nothing out of the norm for me when I do find free time or like during winter break when I was in high school.

During this time, it didn’t dawn upon me that my phone was on do not disturb mode. I was so drained nothing bothered me. Regularly, other than gossip, checking the weather before I leave the house every here and there would probably be the only things I would have to change in my every day life in order to complete this assignment. If I wasn’t as tired as I was, I probably could have started itching after the first two seasons of the show not being able to be on my phone and talk about a whole lot of nothing with my friends.

Ultimately, I may have been a rare individual in this experiment because I am such an extrovert and yet I find so much peace and enjoyment in solitude. Being by myself helps me re-gather my thoughts and my life. YOU SHOULD HAVE ALLUDED TO THE READINGS. After a few hours or days by myself, I could have done absolutely nothing but realistically, without noticing I had all the time in the world to think and rethink everything that’s going on around me without any distractions. I also love to sleep so any excuse to not have to leave my bed is a plus for me. RUN-ON.



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