Train to be Alone

The vast majority of the contemporary self, seeks approval, advice, knowledge and “wisdom” only from society. This is dangerous because our individual abilities to think for ourselves, by ourselves [comma] has almost fully disappeared. We ask others what they think about something before we can be sure about our own opinions. Media has become bias because we let it be. We can’t even believe news from a news channel because it is already a lie, to begin with.

How do we progress and form our own opinions and reach our own conclusions while being surrounded with only lies around us? [How do these insights relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?]

The eras have changed, cultures continue to evolve [comma] and technology seeks to take over, but as humans, we must hold on to the only thing that we still have and can take control of; [colon, not semicolon] solitude. It is the only way to truly find oneself.

Why do we seek validation? What do we gain from it? We gain what society constructed of being a “gain”. A “gain” that ultimately does nothing to make us seek the real truth, a “gain” that does nothing to help us learn that being alone, by ourselves is good for us, a “gain” that simply continues to benefit society and blindfolds humans into simply doing what society suggests us to, forming inaccurate conclusions of the “truth”. Religious solitude was and should still be a societal value. [These insights are made in the abstract. How do they relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?]

In Deresiewics [SP: Deresiewicz’s] article, one of his students said that she prefers to sit with a friend because it is uncomfortable to sit alone. My question is, do we understand what being alone even means? We need to stop seeking others’ approval and begin to seek self-approval. We must listen to our thoughts and understand our actions and create a character for ourselves, not a constructed one by society. We let society train us to fear solitude, just like Deresiewics felt “trained to be bored.”

It is not that technology and society are the problems. We, ourselves, are.

Disconnecting from the world was not difficult. Neither technology, not celebrities should be an “excuse” for us being incapable of finding solitude. We can set ourselves aside from it. In fact, we must set ourselves aside.

Information obtained by our surroundings should be used in combination with our opinions, views, and ways of thinking. Our surroundings should not tell us what we need to believe. Solitude is the value, [period mark or semicolon] our surroundings should be an added value, and this should not be the other way around.

I cannot depend on my surroundings to feel “comfortable”, “accepted” or “happy”, [period mark or semicolon] I depend on myself for that. Therefore, disconnecting from the world was not an issue, because when I am connected, I use it to add to my thoughts and understandings [comma] not to depend on them to form who I am.

News is important and cannot be taken for granted, but neither should our solitude. We must use what is around us to help us reach our own conclusions, not society’s conclusions.



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