Draft Thesis

Donald Trump’s corruption was overshadowed by the media’s aggressive and negative portrayal of Hillary Clinton’s image. During the 2016 United States election the media was so concerned with the narrative of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, publishing stories and headlines that lacked substance but possessed thorough use of emotional appeal to arouse readers and gain popularity, creating national frenzy through manipulation without facts.


  1. The thesis statement makes it clear that the reader interprets the election through skeptical eyes. She believes the media did not fully cover the election with facts, rather using emotional appeal to gain headlines, views and popularity.
  2. The Thesis statement starts out by stating that Donald Trump’s corruption was less reported than Hillary Clinton’s corruption and it was because of the media’s form of manipulation that this was successful. The reader will continue to produce examples and facts on how the media misused stories to create national controversial headlines that aroused emotional reactions around the world.
  3. The thesis can certainly be disputed. It is not a summary of the election (event) it is statement that argues the validity of media’s coverage of the election. However, anyone can argue against the thesis and say that it is biased, if the reader does not back it up with examples.
  4. The topic of my thesis is Donald Trump’s corruption being overshadowed by the media’s coverage of the campaign and election. The comment is that the media was more interested in the narrative than the actual facts of what was occurring.
  5. This topic interests me because i am and have always been skeptical in believing what is fed to the world by national news. I have always been a searcher for the truth rather than the sensational headlines. I like to know facts before forming an opinion in anything, especially when it comes down to politics.
  6. The thesis statement specifically states that the way media covered the campaign and election was through heavy narratives and lack of facts. Instead of just stating that they acted as sensationalists, it specifies how they manipulated news coverage of the campaign.
  7. The difficulties that i see in researching for my thesis is locating the articles that i believe are lacking facts, and finding the sources that prove how and why the articles lack truth. It might be a challenge to find the truthful sources versus the sensationalist stories.
  8. The thesis statement states that we know there is corruption in media coverage and ho we know it is through the very fact that a presidential candidate was made out to seem less corrupt than the other, without facts to prove his “outstanding” performance or great political experience.

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