48-hour news blackout

During the Twilight zone, I substitute my time with activities. I went paddle boarding, watered my plant and studied on Saturday. On Sunday, I attended an event with a friend, talked in the car and in person, watch a television series on Netflix, made popcorn and took pictures the whole day. Sunday was not bad because in the end, I fell asleep from all the energy the day took away from me. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] Despite being alone most of the time on Saturday, I was not idle or at least kept it to a minimum. I hated being idle- being idle was the most unrewarding prosperity I have ever encountered. I caught myself thinking, daydreaming and planning what to do next whenever I became lazy.  [How do these thoughts relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 

I even caught myself growing a little impatient waiting for a friend who was going to be late coming to my place on Sunday so, I put on makeup my face to take my mind off until my friend arrives. After a while of this practice, I realized I did not felt bad being alone most of the time. I did value my privacy and took my time investing on myself. As long as I did something mentally or physically [comma] then I will be [was] okay during the Twilight zone. If I become idle too long, I will have the sudden urge to move and walk outside in the afternoon where I can think and reflect about my life so far. [How do these insights relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 

On both days of this “isolation experiment,” I did became curious of what was happening with the world. But because Sunday had so much to offer, I did not dwell on this thought too long. Saturday was a lot more thought provoking to starve off boredom. Somehow after all that thinking, planning, and daydreaming I had, I converted to my old favorite- watching arts and crafts and makeup tutorials in YouTube.

Regarding to Deresiewicz’s paper, I can relate to his argument on some aspects. I have used technology to engage my mind to defeat boredom. If technology did not exist, I would had probably read, write, paint, or take a stroll instead. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] However, I am not terrified of being alone- I just hated the feeling of being unproductive or uneventful as my life rolls by. Everything on television I watched, I was learning. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] For example, on Sunday in Netflix, I observed how the scriptwriter inserted black comedy into the show. I was unconsciously comparing the similarities and difference the show had compared to the book series it was based off of. The tutorials I saw on YouTube taught me how to be more creative, independent during solitude and learn to be a great gift giver. In fact, sometimes solitude is welcome whenever it is necessary such as, reflecting on one’s action, studying for a test or planning the next schedule or idea.

After experiencing the twilight zone and reading Deresiewicz’s article, I have concluded that people need news to be open minded about the world around them and needs a balance of that and solitude to be considered whole.


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