48 Hour News Blackout

[This is your best work of the semester. Use this approach to the final essay other assignments.]

During the 48 hours in which I experienced a total blackout from every news source, I found myself more at ease and not solely relying on the use of my technical devices. As I went through the day without any source of information, I felt as if a weigh [SP: weight] was lifted off my shoulders. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] Through this experience, I discovered a form of peacefulness and time for myself. I was also able to engage more with the people around me. The blackout was a sense of retreat, I was able to be more proactive around the house and engaged in pleasurable activities such as playing soccer. This experience taught me a lot about the value of a complete solitude. [excellent insight]

The experience was extremely refreshing and it made me realize how much humanity is consumed on the news and social media to go about their day. I came into the realization that the media literally consumes us. We are constantly on our devices to just be in the loop. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] As I engaged in the blackout, I was more observant about the people around me. Through that, I recognized how much people are constantly on their devices, even while conversing with another individual. This totally blew my mind and made me acknowledge that this can be sort of an issue. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] As a whole, I think we have forgotten the importance of limiting ourselves from the news. We have neglected the action of engagement with one another as well as how to be simply and totally alone. Although being informed on what is happening locally or the world around us is important, we do not set ourselves a limit on how much we should be connected to our devices just to get informed. [excellent insight]

This 48-hour news blackout did give me a feel of anxiousness, I was extremely anxious to jump on my device and get on a news source. I came into the conclusion that the anxiousness was not because I needed to constantly be on a news source but simply because I was so used to being on my devices that I felt a need to be on it. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] This culture has been taught to rely on our devices in order to stay informed on all forms of news, such as news channels and social media. I believe this shift in society as caused the daily consumption of our devices which has caused us to be less engaged with one another and likely resulting in isolation. This isolation can be a huge impact on the way that people communicate and build relationships. [excellent insight]

The news blackout has definitely shaped my view of the constant use of devices in which is part of our daily lives. Due to this experience, I will start to limit the time that I use my device in order to be more occupied in daily and social activities. [excellent insight]




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