48 Hour Media Blackout

With today’s political climate and the nature of the president’s beliefs and policies, it’s difficult to carry out a conversation without the topic of news. Facing the challenge of avoiding all sources of news outlets and discussion of news to feel some form of solitude was extremely agonizing and difficult. Avoiding any news source was a rough task, after trying for the first day, I failed to not discuss news on the Middle East. I was forced to block the world out and the only way I was going to be able to succeed was by locking myself into the house and either do absolutely nothing or keep myself extremely busy. YOU DIDN’T MENTION DERESIEWICZ.

Keeping up with what goes on in America isn’t too difficult since our news is plastered everywhere but not knowing what’s going on around me filled my mind  with uncontrollable negative thoughts. I grew anxious, usually I would turn to social media to discuss my views on news but I had to need to be on my phone; I was clueless. The first day that I decided to cut off all news was a little more difficult than the second day, I did not know what to do with my time. Not having anything to do lead me to contemplate about what was going on in the world around me.

Being an American Palestinian it is always a concern of mine to know what going on between the two countries. I also have a lot of family living in Palestine and all over the Middle East, so without my knowledge of news, the blackout only built my anxiety. I spent most of my day worrying about if everything was okay, I had to keep from speaking to family and friends overseas since our conversations would eventually have to do with politics and the negative of what is going on in the world. To completely feel solitude, I also had to disconnect myself from social media apps.

Social media isn’t the most accurate news outlet but I do read and come across world news, so staying off of social media gave me even more time to sit and thinking about what could be going on in the world. Not keeping up with the news made me begin to realize and start to think for myself rather then fill my mind with everything that’s going on, but rather take a moment to think about what has actually happened and if it is accurate information.

Trying to be in solitude is really not as easy as it may seem, many different emotions from anxiety and nervousness were how I felt for the past two days. Not keeping up with my surroundings did have a very small positive impact on me, I have a constant fear of something happening to my family and fear and feel something bad will happen. Keeping myself in solitude made me realize that I cannot keep living my life in fear and worry about what could happen. This experience has shown me a different viewpoint although it was rough, it taught me to educate myself more with world news.



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