48-Hour News Blackout Paper


Daniel Rodriguez (2923386)                                                                                                                        Team #3

48-Hour News Blackout Paper

             Distancing myself from the news for 48-hours was somewhat exciting but kind of scary, in a way I felt I needed a break from the news in general especially if it was regarding to President Trump. Before I began my assignment I immediately got my family together in the kitchen and told them how I’m not supposed to listen to any news until Wednesday evening they all complied, but I knew it wasn’t long until I see my mom putting CNN in front of me or my dad telling me a new policy Trump has enforced. The last step to finally start this assignment was to delete all my news apps and social media accounts this was very hard for me, but I needed to do this because that’s where I usually got my news for the day.

            The news blackout began on a Monday which in fact was also Presidents Day so I had no classes or work, so to distract myself from watching the news I made plans with my friends to go to the beach. Not being able to see the weather on my phone was very irritating at first because living in Miami my entire life I know that it won’t be sunny the entire day. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] Luckily it didn’t rain and also none of my friends brought up anything that was news worthy, but I did however almost downloaded Instagram again. I wanted to post a picture, but I knew if I downloaded the app I would have gone through my entire timeline; so I decided to wait until I was done with my assignment to post the picture. The next day I had work which was at a marketing/PR firm and my task for the day was to add events we’re promoting to news stations. This was pretty difficult to do because I didn’t want to see the news that was happening that day, so what I did to avoid it was to search a specific news station that was in my market and at the end add the word “events.” This took me straight to the event page and it allowed me to prevent myself from watching any news on the home page. [How do these experiences relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 

            The moment the blackout period ended I remember downloading back all my news and social media accounts and as I scrolled down through them I felt a sense of happiness. Being able to connect to the world again made me realize how I didn’t like not knowing what was happening, it made me feel uncomfortable not knowing anything. [How do these feelings relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] Even when I made plans with my friends to take my mind off of the news it was always in the back of my mind that I couldn’t watch or listen it, and it made me realize that without social media I would be completely detached from everything that’s important to me. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] I came to realize how important the news was, whether it was used to start up a discussion with someone or to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. In this generation it is nearly impossible to rule out all sources of news, but by simply limiting the amount of news given to us, the importance of news truly becomes apparent. [How do these insights relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 


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