Blackout assignment

Blackout assignment

The assignment was an interesting one for me personally because it was not vastly different from the way I normally live my life. Though I do consume world news regularly, I rarely ever engage in it. I am not active on any form of social media and therefore feel disconnected with a part of the world around me. It’s not that I feel as if I’m above it or anything, it just seems to me that the objective truth’s of matters tend to become diluted when they’re exposed to a worlds worth of opinions. With this being said, the lack of any world news or information left me feeling even more disconnected than usual. [Good insights. How do they relate to the points that Deresiewicz raises in his essay?] 

The sensation of solitude Deresiewicz speaks of certainly makes it’s [SP: its] presence felt, [semicolon, not comma, and comma after “however”] however I did not necessarily mind it. In all honesty, it felt nice to feel isolated from the madness of global connectivity; even if it was just for 48 hours. For the first time in as long as I can remember, the information I concerned myself with came solely from my daily experiences. I’m fully aware of the importance of keeping up with what’s happening in our world, but this assignment gave me the opportunity to live life according to the information I was physically presented with. It also gave me the perspective to realize how dependent our society is on external information. From something as complex as world politics to something as simple as the daily weather forecast, our daily activities and actions crucially rely on the information we consume. [good insight]

It is my personal opinion that we as a species should act with caution as we gradually evolve within this digital era. With such powerful informational technologies at our disposal, we must remember how essential balance is to our way of living. This assignment allowed me to realize that even though the communication of information is necessary in order to function in today’s world, we are fully capable of finding a middle ground in which our lives are not totally dominated by the information we consume. [good insight]

I agree with Deresiewicz when he says the efficiency of global communication is creating the notion that solitude is to be seen as socially undesirable. It seems as if the more interconnected we become as a species, the more compelled we are as individuals to validate ourselves to others. This creates a social stigma in which solitude is seen as strange or undesirable. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph] I for one enjoy solitude. In a world where your character and worth seem to be determined by an online profile thats [that’s] available for the world to see, solitude allows you to disconnect from the opinions of others and truly learn to think for yourself.

This experience served as a bit of a wake up call. Rather than being constantly concerned with the world around me, I found myself much more capable of living in the moment. My focus and awareness was fully dedicated to my daily experiences. I noticed a decrease in anxiety as I no longer found myself comparing my day to the days of millions of others. Where most find loneliness in solitude, I found peace and objectivity. [good insight]


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