Anthony Casas Individual Assignment 1


Thesis Statement: Memory is not as reliable as we all thought and can deceive us into thinking events that didn’t actually happen the way we thought it did. Although there is lots of evidence and research to back this up, not everyone fully agrees and may think we are mistaking different problems as memory failures.


The authorsNAMES ON FIRST REFERENCE are making a case that memory fails us more often than we’d think and we don’t even know it because we think it’s what actually happened. They use many facts and studies to prove this. They also use multiple examples and instances in the article in where peoples memory has failed them as evidence in the case that they make. These people who are used as examples and have had their memory fail them are all considered intellectuals and have some kind of reputation and power, such as former president George W. Bush, former first lady Hillary Clinton, and host of the “Cosmos” T.V. series Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The authors of this article do not try to appeal to the emotions of it’s SPELLING readers and instead uses straight logic, facts, studies, and evidence to make their point. This is also known as “Logos.” The tone that the authors use in this article is very informative, factual, educational, and instructive.

The top comment rated by readers was made by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. That is most likely why it is the top comment. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and host of “Cosmos.” He has a lot of credibility, reputation, and is a focal point of the beginning of the article. He stands out from most of the other people who commented. The next top comment rated by readers is by Keith Dow. Keith Dow criticizes what the authors say in the article by stating that “i think your memory of Bush being an intelligent person is faulty.” He then proceeds to quote Bush multiple times showing Bush contradict himself, and saying things that just don’t make sense. This is most likely a top comment because he is using facts by researching quotes said by Bush. He is also playing to the emotions of readers because Bush has always been a very questioned president with all the conspiracies behind him. The next top comment is by Jacob Sommer. Jacob is agreeing with the authors and is also putting blame on the people for putting negativity behind these mistakes. His comment is targeting the readers and is playing to our emotions by making us try to feel like we should be more forgiving of these peoples mistakes. It’s only human to make mistakes right?

The top rated comments by NYT Picks is very similar to the top rated comments by the readers. The Top rated NYT comment by Peter C agrees with the article. Peter C shows credibility by stating a time when he has memory failures and also plays to our emotions by stating we all as humans should “understand and accept these fallibilities.” The second top pick is by Magicisnotreal who disagrees with the article. He thinks the problem is that we make inferences after inferences. The third top comment is by Elizabeth who also agrees with the article and states that this topic is examined in journalism classes. Top rated NYT Picks comments and top rated comments by the reader both agree or argue with article in similar ways. It’s not necessary for NYT to pick their own comments but its interesting to read their point of view as their choice would be considered more credible.


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