Rhetorical Analysis

FIRST NAMES Chabris and Simons used both ethos and logos in the construction of their argument. They chose to build their case off of prior incidents with public figures in the past to gain credibility on the topic of memories and how they can be altered unintentionally.

In “Why Our Memory Fails Us”, Chabris and Simons touch on both pathos and ethos as their method of getting their message across to readers. For the ethical appeal, ethos, they try to be fair by looking at popular people from different fan bases and give details in depth enough to be reliable and credible sources. As far as the rationality, there were many logical reasons as to why someone’s memory could be deceiving at times and even gave reasoning behind it and using anecdotes and case studies from authority voices such as Trump and Clinton in a very persuasive and genuine tone that makes readers think that it is simply one’s mistake to tell a lie in a story.

The comments chosen were quite valid because of the fact that it came from different points of views and they all felt differently about the article but also gave logical reasoning for why their opinion was correct. WHY IS THE INCLUSION OF DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW MORE VALID?

All three top NYT Picks were very much needed to further go into depth about the controversy. In the first comment, they basically continue with what Chabris and Simons were saying and how we must accept the human memory for what it is. In the second, they disagree and give you a reason to question the article but it also gives you better understanding of the original article in its entirety. The third comment basically just reassures the article by giving an example and shining a little more light on the topic discussion. All three completely different responses that pulled together to give readers a better grip on what was originally stated.FRAGMENT


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