Memory Fails us

Memory and facts are two different things. Memory is something you remember and fact is something that is proven and whether you like it or not it’s true. There are many problems when it comes to memory. Sometimes people remember information and are convinced it happened, but they remember it in the wrong context. Facts are something no one could ever change but its legitWATCH THE TONE. YOU’RE WRITING IN AN ACADEMIC FORUM. ALSO, YOU MISSPELLED A WORD information that leads to correct judgment.

In the article “Why Our Memory Fails Us” by Christopher Charles and Daniel Simons, they use logos and ethos. Logos is facts, case studies, etcDON’T USE ‘ETC’. Ethos is credibility, reliability, etc. In this article Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist and host of the TV series “Cosmos,” made a story about Mr. G.W. Bush’s 9.11 attack speech to congress. In this story Tyson claimed that Bush said “our God is the God who named the stars.” Dr. Tyson was going against Bush in this article because he thinks that Mr. Bush is prejudice. Dr. Tyson stated all these things since he recalls that Bush stated this in the 9.11 tragedy speech. YOU DIDN’T EXPLAIN HOW THEY APPEALED TO LOGIC AND EMOTION.

Bush actually stated “the enemy of America is not our Muslim friends.” This is an example of how our memory fails us, since he combined two different events from the same person together. When people are overconfident about their memory it is hard for them to admit to the truth. People don’t face evidence often so it is not always an issue.

In governmental situations it is very important for us to be 100% right on our memory because it can lead to the death penalty. Our memory could change over time according to psychology and again that is a very bad when stating facts. When people’s memory happened long ago, and its repeated, we remember the latest information.

In the commenting section of this article, the New York Time chose very different top 3 Readers’ Picks. People tend to be very defensive of their thoughts, and only look at what they want to believe. Some are anti-Mr. Bush. Another commentator states that he is just biased. The third commentator states that yes people make mistakes in life. We should take into consideration that people make mistakes but you should let the big ones’ slip away.

In conclusion, the end of this article we see that Dr. Tyson wasn’t wrong about what Mr. Bush said. He was wrong on when he said it. The quote that Dr. Tyson thought Mr. Bush said in the 9.11 speech, he really said when all the astronauts passed away in the space ship accident. After all this we realize that yes people make many mistakes when it comes to memory and other things. This shows that Dr. Tyson, Mr. Bush, and Mrs. Clinton are all not perfect. Every person makes mistakes. Everyone has big mistakes especially when it comes to when they have to remember big things. We just have to admit to our mistakes because nobody in the world is perfect.ON WHAT ARE YOU BASING THESE CONCLUSIONS? ARE YOU PARAPHRASING?



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