In the article, “Comment is King” often times commenters backed up their disagreement/arguments by using her, Anne Applebaum, own arguments about what she has just written about. In the commenter section, the echo-chamber, fuels others to comment their opinions without supporting what they are saying. The rhetorical study is a tool kit for persuading people and it was used for 2,300 years.  Rhetoric is even more important in the digital media world due to how the internet has evolved along with social media. The Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle is based off Logos, Ethos and Pathos.  Each point of the triangle influences the other and they are influenced by the context of the communications.  The rhetorical triangle may be used in an agenda-setting media outlet. Logos is a more rational appeal such as case studies, experiments, analogies, etc. Logos is defined as an idea/message appeal.  It’s also an appeal to logical reasoning ability of readers. Pathos is an emotional appeal, this appeal is divided into two different emotions higher/lower (ex. Belief in fairness, love, justice, greed, lust, etc.).  This is an appeal to beliefs and feelings. Ethos is an ethical appeal is fairness, reliability, and trustworthiness. This is an ethical appeal wherein the author sense you and gives as being competent/fair/authority.  WHY ARE YOU SUMMARIZING WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW? GET TO THE POINT! Rhetorical strategy is used in writing and these devices in rhetoric that classify the speaker’s appeal to the audience. Most writers will only focus on one rather than all three. But in reality to have become an effective writer it’s best to use all three appeals. Both writers build their case in what they see as problems by using the rhetorical triangle and by breaking down what the problems really are. In the article both by Chabris and Simons rely more heavily on facts and studies due to article giving facts from case studies.  In this article it was mentioned that we recall events easily and often if they are important to us. But we rarely find our memories contradicted if we take the initiative to check it our memories were right. As the years goes our memory will only remember what we what to remember. Sometimes it’s hard to recall certain distinguish memories. In the moment where we recall our own memories, we are not extracting a perfect record time by time of our experiences and playing it back verbatim. Memory does not work that way. What works effectively is the message from our past being brought to our present and reconstructing itself to a new memory. I believe, reading comments from your blog post or your article may help us writers understand where we fall in the perspectives about their particular view.

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