Welcome to our course. We are delighted that you’ve chosen to enroll.

Please BOOKMARK this site and become familiar with its layout, as it will be an integral component to the teaching of this class.
Shortly after the first class, you will receive an email invitation to activate a WordPress account. Once activated, this will allow you to be a guest blogger on this site. Most of your individual blog assignments will be done here. If you have any trouble, don’t panic. We will take care of any problems by the next class.

There is no textbook, but you’ll have readings every week. If you don’t have an iclicker (the version does not matter), you’ll need to purchase one. It’s available at the bookstore or online.

Please look carefully through the syllabus, particularly the rules and guidelines for how the course will be taught. You will need to be thoroughly familiar with its content for the first RAT (Reading Assurance Test) on January 19 .
Again, we are pleased to have you in our course, and look forward to an exciting semester!

Professors Blevens, Ottolenghi, Pearson, and Soto


About gwpearson
Librarian at Florida International University. Interests are eclectic, including library instruction, the library catalog, or OPAC, Japanese anime, manga, and video games, and historical simulations.

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